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Jade's enamour with sweets started at a young age, her clearest memory being in the kitchen with her mum baking brownies at age three. The drive to perfect her baking skills developed over the years, receiving a cupcake decorating course for her 18th birthday. Unbeknownst at the time, this course was her unofficial first step into the cake world, which perfectly combined Jade’s passion for art and baking. 

Officially launching her business in late 2012, Jade quickly excelled in the world of decorating, finding her passion for couture wedding cakes after apprenticing under a world renowned cake designer based in Sydney. This brief time of learning was invaluable, helping her fine tune her already established skills and equipping her with the knowledge she needed to grow and develop her own business.

For the past 4 years, she has worked day and night on growing her brand and with the help of social media, it has grown into something larger than Jade ever could have imagined. She has established a personal and open relationship with her community, to ensure people know they aren’t alone in the personal or business related struggles life throws our way. Her goal is to only ever empower and encourage those who come across her work. Jade is truly in awe and humbled by those who support her every day and allow her to continue to live her dream.